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Most Important Factors in Selecting Your Event Venue

Organizing any private event can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make — all of them important to the event going smoothly. But choosing the right hotel event venue doesn’t have to be tough.

For over 100 years, The Saint Paul Hotel has been the Twin Cities’ most dazzling destination for stylish and sophisticated special events. With gorgeous gathering spaces, an award-winning food and beverage program, and acclaimed authentic hospitality, The Saint Paul Hotel stands out as the premier hotel event venue in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Factors in Finding the Ideal Hotel Event Venue

Hotel event venues vary greatly in their atmosphere, services, and amenities. But while there seem to be plenty of options, once you examine exactly what your event requires, fewer hotel event venues may fit your needs. When searching for the best venue for your next special event, remember to consider: 

●  Function: Does the hotel event venue meet your event’s functional needs? Are the rooms’ usages flexible? Do they have the needed technology? Is the venue designed for the type of event you are hosting?

●  Parking: How much parking is available onsite? Does the hotel event venue offer overnight parking? What about valet parking? And nearby street parking or lots?

●  Size: What is the hotel event venue’s minimum and maximum capacity? Are the sizes of the rooms flexible enough to accommodate your event? Are there multiple rooms available, and are they all the same size?

●  Services: What services and amenities does the event venue provide? Is there an on-site kitchen that can cater the event? What about guest rooms and suites? Is there an attached restaurant, or onsite spa services? 

●  Ambiance: What is the hotel event venue’s ambiance and overall aesthetic? Is it stylish, sophisticated, and swanky, or more simple and sensible? Is the decor distracting, or does the design lend itself to hosting an enjoyable and easy-going event?

●  Accessibility: Can all guests access this event? What is the ADA accessibility details, and can the staff help with any special needs and/or requests? Are there ADA-compliant rooms, and if so, how many? Does the hotel event venue have technical support for those with disabilities?

●  Acoustics: What are the acoustics like in the various hotel events venue spaces? Does the A/V equipment support speakers and/or hosts? Are the rooms sound-proofed, or does noise bounce around? Are the rooms set up so that all guests can see, hear, and participate?

Twin Cities Hotel Event Venues

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hotel event venue in St. Paul for your next special event, look no further than The Saint Paul Hotel. With sophisticated, stylish public spaces, gourmet cuisine, and attentive and authentic hospitality, The Saint Paul Hotel is the perfect hotel event venue for any occasion.

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