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Ways to Choose a Hotel for Your Conference

When you’re looking for conference venues in the Twin Cities, luxury hotels are often a great option. While conference venues are readily available throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis, finding a location that offers flexible meeting spaces, elegant accommodations, and world-class cuisine and service can be tough. 

For over a century, event planners, company representatives, and private citizens alike have trusted The Saint Paul Hotel’s conference venues for their most important events. With over 14,000 square feet of comfortable conference venue space, The Saint Paul Hotel offers elegant, well-equipped meeting spaces for corporate conferences and events.

What to Consider in a Hotel Conference Venue

Before sending an email or calling a hotel inquiring about their conference venues, there are a few key details that need to be determined. When booking, or even asking about availability for a conference venue, it is important to know:

●  Number of attendees: How many people are expected to attend your event? Will everyone be in one room, or will you need breakout rooms? Knowing the size of your event will determine room assignments and specific accommodations that the conference venue will offer.

●  Accommodation type: What type of accommodations do you require from a hotel conference venue? Do you have special A/V requirements that are outside the usual scope? Do you require guest rooms and suites for conference attendees?

●  Size of rooms: What size room, or rooms, do you need in a conference venue? A large ballroom for lectures? Or do you require a few smaller breakout rooms? Do you need additional rooms for networking and mingling events?  Do you need different kinds of rooms on different days?

●  Style and character: What environment or atmosphere are you looking for in a hotel conference venue? Are you aiming to impress your guests with style, splendor, and sophistication? Or do more utilitarian accommodations fit the bill for your conference?

●  Budget: Perhaps the most important consideration to know when booking a hotel conference venue is your budget. Having a clear idea of your budget ahead of time will help you determine which hotel conference venues for your event not only fit your vision but are also feasible financially.

Finding the Perfect Hotel Conference Venue

Once you’ve figured out all the details of your conference or company meeting, you can begin your search for the perfect conference venue. And while there are plenty of options in the Twin Cities, The Saint Paul Hotel is the sophisticated, stylish — and sensibly priced — choice for corporate conferences of all sizes. Visit The Saint Paul Hotel website to learn more about holding your next company event.

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