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Dirt Day Raises $1,000 for American Indian Family Center

Saint Paul Hotel recently hosted its fourth annual "Dirt Day" to benefit the American Indian Family Center (AIFC), raising $1,000 in the process. We sold bags of compost made from the hotel's organic waste to benefit AIFC, which will be working with the youth and elders to build, maintain and sustain a community garden in the traditional American Indian values and culture. These raised bed gardens will be located at the American Indian Family Center on the East side of Saint Paul. Visit the American Indian Family Center website to learn more about the AIFC and its program and services.

Working in partnership with the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation (a nonprofit affiliated with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce), we have been recycling all of the organic waste from our restaurants, banquet and food service. Each month we send 26 tons of kitchen scraps and compostable waste to a composting program operated by the Mulch Store – reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills by 85%. The Mulch Store turns the organic and compostable waste into rich compost for use in gardens and landscaping.

Twin Cities Jazz Festival

We are proud to again be a part of Twin Cities Jazz Festival, and we’re especially proud to introduce Erin Livingston during the three-day event. Livingston will play in the Lobby Bar at 7 p.m. on June 22, June 23 and June 24.

Livingston is a singer, songwriter, classical flutist and cabaret artist in the Twin Cities. She will play with her musical director Marc Zee Thursday and Friday, and with Jon de Vaal on Saturday. Her performances go from 7-11 p.m.

You can read more about Erin Livingston at

What's Blooming at The Saint Paul Hotel

by Rebecca Gross, Horticulturist and Gardener of The Saint Paul Hotel

Despite the cold and rainy weather in the last few weeks, plenty of perennials are blooming at the Saint Paul Hotel garden! Catmint, salvia, irises, columbine, baptisia, and geraniums are brightening up the perennial beds. Yellow, orange, purple, and white violas are thriving in the cool spring weather. The peonies and roses will be blooming any day now.

In the coming weeks, I will be finishing my summer annual plantings. Orange cosmos, crimson snapdragons, blue salvia, and brightly colored canna lilies will bring year round color to the perennial areas in the garden. White geraniums, blue lobelia, white alyssum, pink lantana, yellow biden, and blue salvia will fill the sidewalk beds, making for a fun and colorful display that will last the whole season. 

Gardening Tip for June...

Now is the time to get your houseplants a little fresh air! Bringing your houseplants outdoors for the summer is a great way to get them clean and happy. Place them in a partly shady area in the garden so they don’t get sunburn.  Make sure to check the moisture in the soil often, as they dry out quicker outside. You’ll have happier houseplants once you bring them back in for the winter!

Lobby Bar Feature

Brown Butter Old Fashioned with Brown Butter infused Maker's Mark,
Brown Sugar Simple Syrup, Orange Bitters, Club Sode and an Orange Twist.


Enjoy this and other signature Menu Items at The Lobby Bar.

The St. Paul Grill Dessert of the Month

Strawberry "not so short" Shortcake a St. Paul Grill Signature Dessert with layers of fresh baked
pound cake, stacked high with whipping cream and strawberries, served with a generous side of house-made strawberry sauce.

Enjoy this and other signature Menu Items at The St. Paul Grill.

Make Your Reservation at The St. Paul Grill.

M ST. Cafe Feature

Espresso French Toast - Espresso battered, thickly sliced Pullman Loaf bread griddled and dusted with Powdered Sugar and served with an Espresso Sauce & Orange Mascarpone.

Enjoy this and other signature Menu Items at M ST. Cafe.

Make Your Reservation at M ST Cafe.

Did You Know...?

Last month, M St. Cafe was named as one of the Top 100 Brunch Restaurants in the United States by OpenTable. M St. Café is one of three Minnesota restaurants to make the list. This marks the third consecutive year that M St. Café has been in OpenTable’s Top 100 list.

Employee Spotlight

Steve Hebaus, Purchasing Director at The Saint Paul Hotel

1. How long have you worked for The Saint Paul Hotel?  

34 years, 5 months

2. Explain your daily tasks. 

Manage food, beverage and supplies inventories. Oversee product procurement with a focus on cost control through close communication with hotel management. Make sure our culinary, bar and catering staffs have all the things they need to do their work of serving our guests every day.

3. What is your favorite part about working for The Saint Paul Hotel?  

Definitely the food! That is what gravitated my career to this industry.

Whenever we had family gatherings I was always in the kitchen trying to sneak a taste of whatever was cooking until I found myself cooking for a living.

4. What are some of your favorite memories or experiences from working at The Saint Paul Hotel? 

Carving ice on the loading dock on Saturday mornings. Playing on the hotel boot hockey team with James Martin.

Playing on the hotel softball team. All of the people who come and go over the years that make an impression on our lives and help define who we are….Rene DeBon, Didier Bula, Kazoo Hishida, Alpha Wolf, Robert Bach, Terry Reis, Bill Morrissey, Miss Eddy, Terry Bell and Lance Kapps come to mind.

Seeing people who work here for a while, and when they leave, watching their careers develop and watching how far their ambitions take them. It makes me proud that I played a small part in helping them get to where they are.

5. What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of the workplace?

Gardening and holding down the patio with my wife Joelle and our two dogs. My grandchildren. Hunting and shooting with my sons. Fishing. Cooking.

6. If you could choose any other position at The Hotel, what would it be? 

Security…..They are right in the middle of all of the crazy, story-making, hold-my-beer and watch-this things people do that you “just can’t make up”.

7. What is a “fun fact” about you?

I sang second Bass in the North St Paul High School concert choir. We performed at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and several churches, music festivals and contests. We even produced a live record album back in the 70s….on vinyl of course.