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The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
Features The Saint Paul Hotel's 2015 Eureka! Award 

The Saint Paul Hotel attended the the 2015 Eureka! Award Ceremony, from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. This award honors ground-breaking innovation across industries in the Twin Cities. We received our 2015 Eureka! Award for our sustainability efforts.

The same day, we were featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal regarding our sustainability program. Read the whole article here. Below is a excerpt:

Eureka! Awards winner: The Saint Paul Hotel
Award-winning idea: An organics-recycling program that significantly reduces waste

The Saint Paul Hotel enjoys a stately and refined reputation, right down to the white gloves of the doormen and the Waterford chandelier hanging in the lobby. But despite its historic charm, the grand dame has some forward-thinking operations.

"You wouldn’t think of a 100-year-old hotel embarking on a hip, young strategy like organics recycling," said Eureka! Awards judge Jeremy Lenz, founder of Lenz Consulting. "But because it did, it just blew the judges’ minds. – Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Below: photos from the 2015 Eureka! Awards presentation.


It's A Wonderful Life Returns for a 10th Season!
Seat Reservations on Sale Starting August 3

It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Playnow in its 10th year at The Saint Paul Hotel, invites audiences to enjoy playwright Joe Landry’s acclaimed take on the classic 1946 Frank Capra film, It’s a Wonderful Life, accompanied by a three-course luncheon for afternoon performances and a three-course dinner for evening shows. 

Click here to book online and reserve your seat. Reservations available starting August 3. Price: $65 for Lunch Matinee and $85 for Dinner.

2015 Performance Dates

Lunch Matinee Performances:
Thursday, December 10, 1:00pm
Friday, December 11, 1:00pm
Saturday, December 12, 1:00pm
Sunday, December 13, 1:00pm
Wednesday, December 16, 1:00pm
Thursday, December 17, 1:00pm
Friday, December 18, 1:00pm
Saturday, December 19, 1:00pm
Sunday, December 20, 1:00pm

Dinner Evening Performances:
Thursday, December 10, 7:00pm
Friday, December 11, 7:00pm
Sunday, December 13, 7:00pm
Thursday, December 17, 7:00pm
Friday, December 18, 7:00pm
Saturday, December 19, 7:00pm
Sunday, December 20, 7:00pm

The American Film Institute (AFI) selected It’s a Wonderful Life as its “Most Inspiring Movie of All Time” in a 2006 “100 Years—100 Cheers” retrospective.

We invite you to join us for our equally inspiring "Live Radio Play" version!

Did You Know...?

Did you know that in 1910 when The Saint Paul Hotel opened, every guestroom had its own telephone, bathroom and electricity? Private in-room bathrooms were a rarity back then, and electric lights in rooms were just starting to be included in newer hotels.

Each room and suite was furnished with Louis XV or Sheridan design furnishings and the baths were white tiled. Circulating ice water was also supplied to each room.

Originally the hotel had 300 rooms (today there are 254 rooms and suites). The hotel featured 50 rooms with twin beds. In 1910 rates for these rooms ranged from $2.00 to $4.00 per day. Suites with parlors started at $6.00 per day.

Above: from 1910 — Top photo is of a typical twin guestroom, bottom photo is of a suite living room.

Etiquette Classes for Children, Young Adults 
and Business Professionals

We will be having three etiquette luncheon classes this fall. Our Children's class is sold out, but there is still space left for the Young Adults and Business Etiquette classes.

Children's Etiquette Luncheon – October 10 - Sold Out
Recommended for Children, ages: 8-13
Young Adults Luncheon – October 17
Recommended for Young Adults, ages: 17-22
Business Etiquette Luncheon – October 24

Please call 651-228-3860 to register.

Click on our Etiquette web page link for more details and to see the Etiquette Luncheon menus.

A recent St. Paul Pioneer Press article "Lessons in dining etiquette – for prom and beyond" features our new Etiquette Instructor, Bethany Miller along with The Saint Paul Hotel's Etiquette classes.

Above: Bethany Miller of Doors of Success School of Etiquette and one of her Children's etiquette classes. 

What’s Blooming at The Saint Paul Hotel

by Sara Orvik, Horticulturist and Gardener of The Saint Paul Hotel

During July, the perennial garden showcases beautiful lilies, roses, Rudbeckia, hosta, and perennial hibiscus. The catmint and Russian sage continue to bloom and will all season! The summer annuals planted in late May are blooming profusely and welcome visitors and guests as they enter the hotel’s circle drive. Garden duties for the month of July include watering, fertilizing, weeding, and mulching. The wet weather and current heat are a perfect combination for the plants to thrive in, but the weeds also thrive too. Adding mulch helps to prevent weeds from growing as does pulling them out with your hands. Finally, don’t forget to deadhead the plants that require their spent blooms to be removed to encourage new blooms.

Gardening Tip for July...

One way gardeners can help the honey bee population is by planting flowers that have not been grown with harmful pesticides. Simply ask your local garden center if their plants are safe for bees. Another way to help the bee population is to plant annuals and perennials which provide nutritious nectar for the honey bees. Certain plants produce more nectar than others. Here are some nectar rich annuals and perennials you can add to your garden: snapdragons, nicotiana, verbena, sunflowers, salvia, hollyhocks, daisies, phlox, monarda, penstemon, foxglove, yarrow, sedum, and globe thistle. The hotel’s garden contains many of these nectar rich plants. In late July and August, I see numerous bees buzzing around the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ as well as other plants in our garden!

Special note…

The Saint Paul Hotel and its garden are one of the stops in the Rice Park Tours on the third Wednesday of each month starting in June and going through September. More information about this and other summer walking tours.

In addition to our hotel as a distinctive backdrop, on the opposite side, lovely Rice Park and stately Landmark Center also create charming, picturesque backdrops for our garden.

M ST. Cafe's Featured Menu Item

Fish Tacos — Flavorful, fish tacos served with a robust, roasted salsa.

Three Lightly Breaded Tilapia Fillets served with Corn Tortillas, Shredded Romaine Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Queso Fresco, Lime Wedges and Roasted Tomato Salsa

View M ST. Cafe's Menu page

Make a Reservation at M ST. Cafe 

Employee Spotlight

Kate Day, Manager of M ST. Cafe, Room Service and Afternoon Tea

1. How long have you worked for The Saint Paul Hotel?  
Since 2002, but I was gone for about six months in 2011.

2. Explain your daily tasks. 
My daily tasks are really about taking care of the employees in my departments, so they can take care of our guests. I check staffing levels for the day and the upcoming week for M ST., Room Service, and Lobby Tea, write their schedules, submit payroll, and of course check email! I'm also in the restaurant during breakfast and lunch where I’m afforded the opportunity to interact with guests. I work with our chefs daily to ensure continuity between front of the house and back of the house, and I confirm that my staff in all three areas has the supplies they need to do their job effectively. In addition, I’m in charge of the hiring of new employees and the training of both new and current employees. I also set up special menus for large groups and help with the booking for those groups. 

3. What is your favorite part about working for The Saint Paul Hotel?  
I love that we have the composting program in place, but my favorite part of working for The Saint Paul Hotel is the quality of the people with whom I work.

4. What are some of your favorite memories or experiences from working at The Saint Paul Hotel? 
My favorite experiences often include the guests that I see repeatedly. Developing those relationships and interacting with them is a highlight to my day. We are often part of their happy times (weddings and anniversaries), but it is truly an honor to be that comfortable place during times of sorrow. When our guests experience a loss, we experience it with them. Our guests become a part of the place and the lives of the people who serve them.

5. What hobbies or interests do you enjoy outside of the workplace?
Sleeping and reading! I sew when I have time, but mostly, I enjoy playing in the yard with my dogs and doing small projects around the house with my husband Troy. I’m a home body.

6. If you could choose any other position at the hotel, what would it be? 
Security because they see everything or Stewarding Supervisor because I love cleaning and organizing.

7. What is a “fun fact” about you?
I can address a large group of diners with no issue whatsoever, but I am absolutely terrified of public speaking, and I love punk music.

Above: Kate standing near the entrance to M ST Cafe.